Cubeplex Graph


The cubeplex graph is the cubic Hamiltonian graph on 12 nodes illustrated above in several embeddings and corresponding to the graph Gamma_1 in Fischer and Little (2001). It has LCF notation [-6,-5,-3,-6,3,5,-6,-3,5,-6,-5,3].


Norine and Thomas (2008) used the term "'cubeplex graph" to describe one of the 12-vertex graphs Gamma_1 and Gamma_2 from Fischer and Little (2001). Unfortunately, in the figure supposedly giving embeddings for the graphs termed cubeplex and twinplex in that paper (reproduced above), both embeddings correspond to Fischer and Little's Gamma_1. However, since Robertson et al. (2019) identify the twinplex graph with a correct explicit figure, both graphs in Norine and Thomas (2008) can be identified as embeddings of the cubeplex graph.

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