Cluster Analysis

Cluster analysis is a technique used for classification of data in which data elements are partitioned into groups called clusters that represent collections of data elements that are proximate based on a distance or dissimilarity function.

Cluster analysis is implemented as FindClusters[data] or FindClusters[data, n].

The Season 1 pilot (2005) and Season 2 episode "Dark Matter" of the television crime drama NUMB3RS feature clusters and cluster analysis. In "Dark Matter," math genius Charlie Eppes runs a cluster analysis to find connections between the students that seemed to be systematically singled out by the anomalous third shooter. In Season 4 episode"Black Swan," characters Charles Eppes and Amita Ramanujan adjust cluster radii in their attempt to do a time series analysis of overlapping Voronoi regions to track the movements of a suspect.

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Cluster Analysis

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