Closed Sentential Formula

A closed sentential formula is a sentential formula in which none of the variables are free (i.e., all variables are bound). Examples of closed sentential formulas are given by

  forall x forall y(x+y=y+x),

which expresses the commutativity of addition, and

  forall x exists y( forall u forall v(x+y!=(u+2)(v+2))),

which expresses the infinitude of the primes.

A closed sentential formula is called a sentence (Carnap 1958, pp. 24-25 and 85). However, in some language systems, open sentential formulas are also admitted as sentences (Carnap 1958, p. 25).

See also

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Carnap, R. Introduction to Symbolic Logic and Its Applications. New York: Dover, 1958.

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Closed Sentential Formula

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