Cauchy Remainder

The Cauchy remainder is a different form of the remainder term than the Lagrange remainder. The Cauchy remainder after n terms of the Taylor series for a function f(x) expanded about a point x_0 is given by


where x^* in [x_0,x] (Hamilton 1952).

Note that the Cauchy remainder R_n is also sometimes taken to refer to the remainder when terms up to the (n-1)st power are taken in the Taylor series, and that a notation in which h->x-x_0, x^*->a+thetah, and x-x^*->1-theta is sometimes used (Blumenthal 1926; Whittaker and Watson 1990, pp. 95-96).

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Lagrange Remainder, Schlömilch Remainder, Taylor's Inequality, Taylor Series

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Cauchy Remainder

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