Various forms of opening and closing bracket-like delimiters are used for a number of distinct notational purposes in mathematics. The most common variants of bracket notation include:

1. angle brackets <...> (e.g., inner product, expectation value),

2. braces (also sometimes called "curly braces" for clarity) {...} (e.g., grouping, set delineation, piecewise delineation),

3. parentheses (...) (e.g., grouping, function application, open interval endpoints, matrix delineation),

4. square brackets [...] (e.g., grouping, closed interval endpoints, commutators, simple continued fractions).

See also

Angle Bracket, Bra, Brace, Bracket Polynomial, Iverson Bracket, Ket, L2-Inner Product, Lagrange Bracket, Parenthesis, Poisson Bracket, Simple Continued Fraction, Square Bracket

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