Bourque-Ligh Conjecture

Bourque and Ligh (1992) conjectured that the least common multiple matrix on a GCD-closed set S is nonsingular. This conjecture was shown to be false by Haukkanen et al. (1997) and subsequently by Hong (1999).

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GCD-Closed Set, Least Common Multiple Matrix

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Bourque, K. and Ligh, S. "On GCD and LCM Matrices." Linear Algebra Appl. 174, 65-74, 1992.Haukkanen, P.; Wang, J.; and Sillanpää, J. "On Smith's Determinant." Linear Alg. Appl. 258, 251-269, 1997.Hong, S. "On the Bourque-Ligh Conjecture of Least Common Multiple Matrices." J. Algebra 218, 216-228, 1999.

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Bourque-Ligh Conjecture

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