Bertelsen's Number

Bertelsen's number is an erroneous name erroneously given to the erroneous value of pi(10^9)=50847478, where pi(x) is the prime counting function. This value is 56 lower than the correct value of 50847534. Ore (1988, p. 69) states that the erroneous value 50847478 originated in Bertelsen's application of Meissel's method in 1893 (MathPages; Prime Curios!). However, the incorrect value actually first appears in Meissel (1885) rather than Bertelsen in 1893, as correctly noted by Lagarias et al. 1985. (Note that MathPages incorrectly states that Lagarias et al. attribute the result to Bertelsen.)

Unfortunately, the incorrect value has continued to be propagated in modern works such as Hardy and Wright (1979, p. 9), Davis and Hersch (1981, p. 175; but actually given correctly in the table on p. 213), Sondheimer (1981), Kramer (1983), Ore (1988, p. 77), and Cormen et al. (1990).

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Bertelsen's Number

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