Bernoulli Differential Equation


Let v=y^(1-n) for n!=1. Then


Rewriting (1) gives


Plugging (4) into (3),


Now, this is a linear first-order ordinary differential equation of the form


where P(x)=(1-n)p(x) and Q(x)=(1-n)q(x). It can therefore be solved analytically using an integrating factor


where C is a constant of integration. If n=1, then equation (◇) becomes


The general solution is then, with C_1 and C_2 constants,

 y={[((1-n)inte^((1-n)intp(x)dx)q(x)dx+C_1)/(e^((1-n)intp(x)dx))]^(1/(1-n))   for n!=1; C_2e^(int[q(x)-p(x)]dx)   for n=1.

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Bernoulli Differential Equation

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