Asymptotic Series

An asymptotic series is a series expansion of a function in a variable x which may converge or diverge (Erdélyi 1987, p. 1), but whose partial sums can be made an arbitrarily good approximation to a given function for large enough x. To form an asymptotic series R(x) of






The asymptotic series is defined to have the properties

 lim_(x->infty)x^nR_n(x)=0    for fixed n
 lim_(n->infty)x^nR_n(x)=infty    for fixed x.


 f(x) approx sum_(n=0)^inftya_nx^(-n)

in the limit x->infty. If a function has an asymptotic expansion, the expansion is unique. The symbol ∼ is also used to mean directly similar.

Asymptotic series can be computed by doing the change of variable x->1/x and doing a series expansion about zero. Many mathematical operations can be performed on asymptotic series. For example, asymptotic series can be added, subtracted, multiplied, divided (as long as the constant term of the divisor is nonzero), and exponentiated, and the results are also asymptotic series (Gradshteyn and Ryzhik 2000, p. 20).

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Hyperasymptotic Series, Series, Superasymptotic Series

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Asymptotic Series

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