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Topics in a Differential Geometry Course

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Curvature Curvature is a measure of the amount of bending of a curve or surface.
Differential Geometry Differential geometry is the field of mathematics that studies properties such as distance and curvature on surfaces and manifolds.
Differential k-Form A differential k-form is a tensor of rank k that is antisymmetric under exchange of any pair of indices.
Gaussian Curvature Gaussian curvature is one type measure of the amount of "bending" a surface undergoes at a given point which is independent of the coordinate system used to describe it.
Mean Curvature The mean curvature is the amount of "bending" of a surface at given point defined as the average of the two so-called "principal curvatures."
Tangent Bundle In topology, a tangent bundle of a given manifold is a new manifold that consists of the tangent spaces for each point pasted together in a continuous fashion.
Tensor A tensor is a generalization of scalars, vectors, and matrices to an arbitrary number of indices.