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Topics in a Calculus II Course

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Arc Length Arc length is the length along a curve if it were to be straightened out.
Convergent Series A convergent series is a series for which partial sums become arbitrarily close to some fixed number.
Exponential Growth Exponential growth is the increase in a quantity according to an exponential function.
Harmonic Series The harmonic series is the slowly divergent sum of the reciprocals of all positive integers.
Maclaurin Series A Maclaurin series is a Taylor series expansion of a function around zero.
Power Series A power series is a sum of powers of a variable. A power series is essentially an infinite polynomial.
Radius of Convergence The radius of convergence of a power series is half the width of the interval inside which it converges absolutely.
Ratio Test The ratio test is a test for determining whether a series converges. It is used for calculating the radius of convergence for power series.
Surface of Revolution A surface generated by rotating a two-dimensional curve about an axis.
Taylor Series A Taylor series is a power series of a function around a given point.