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Topics in an Algebra Course

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Coefficient A coefficient is a multiplicative factor such as the constant in front of a polynomial term.
Geometric Mean The geometric mean of a set of n numbers is the value obtained by taking the nth root of their product.
Infinity Infinity is an unbounded quantity greater than every real (and every whole) number.
Quadratic Equation A quadratic equation is a polynomial equation in a single variable containing the square of the variable, but no higher powers.
Quadratic Formula The quadratic formula is the formula x = (-b +/- sqrt(b^2 - 4*a*c))/(2*a) that gives the roots of a quadratic equation of the form a*x^2 + b*x + c = 0.
Root For a mathematical function, a root is a set of arguments for which the function assumes the value of zero.
Subset A subset is a portion of a set. Subsets can also consist of the entire set or be empty.
Union The union of two or more sets is is the set consisting of the combination of all members of all set.