Graph Circumference

The circumference of a graph is the length of any longest cycle in a graph. Hamiltonian graphs on n>1 vertices therefore have circumference of n.

For a cyclic graph, the maximum element a_(ij) of the detour matrix over all adjacent vertices (i,j) is one smaller than the circumference.

The graph circumference of a self-complementary graph is either n (i.e., the graph is Hamiltonian), n-1, or n-2 (Furrigia 1999, p. 51).

Circumferences of graphs for various classes of nonhamiltonian graphs are summarized in the table below.

erefbarbell graphn
(n,n)-bishop graph{n^2/2   for n even; (n^2+1)/2   for n odd
book graph S_(n+1) square P_26
complete bipartite graph K_(m,n) for min(m,n)>12min(m,n)
(m,n)-cone graph{2m   for m<=n; m+n   otherwise
gear graph2n
grid graph P_m square P_n{mn-1   for m,n odd; mn   otherwise
grid graph P_l square P_m square P_n{lmn-1   for l,m,n odd; lmn   otherwise
helm graphn+1
(n,n)-knight graph{14   for n=4; n^2   for even n>4; n^2-1   for odd n>2
pan graphn
sunlet graph C_n circledot K_1n
web graph2n
wheel graph W_nn
(m,n)-windmill graphn

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