Hall-Janko Graph

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The Hall-Janko graph, also known as the Hall-Janko-Wales graph, is a strongly regular graph on 100 nodes with parameters (nu,k,lambda,mu)=(100,36,14,12). It is also a distance-regular graph with intersection array {36,21;1,12}. It is illustrated above in an embedding due to C. Rocchini.

It is an integral graph with graph spectrum (-4)^(63)6^(36)36^1. The Hall-Janko graph has independence number 10 and chromatic number 10, while the graph complement of the Hall-Janko graph has independence number 4 and chromatic number 25 (Brouwer).

It is implemented in the Wolfram Language as GraphData["HallJankoGraph"].

It is the middle graph in the chain of local graphs known as the Suzuki tower.

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